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What’s the best thing to wear to a funeral? August 9, 2022

What to wear to a funeral

The traditional dress code for funerals has historically been conservative. The traditional colour of mourning has been black, but this is not necessarily a must. In times gone by, you were expected to dress in a way that shows respect. Funeral dress can be dependent on religion, culture or personal preferences or beliefs . This blog gives you a brief guide to what you can wear at a funeral.

Contemporary funeral wear

Most people make an assumption that black tie or black dress is the preferred wear for a funeral . Today it is not uncommon to be given a particular dress code for a funeral service…contemporary funerals can often request a range of different wears including colourful shirts, football kits or a specific colour preferred by the deceased.

Regardless of the type of wear requested, the main thing is that you go along with the theme requested. It can be embarrassment if you turn up in bright colours and everyone else is in black. The focus should be on the preferences of the person that has died or their family, so you should be adaptable to their needs. The day should be about the deceased and so any detraction from this may be unwelcome.

What to wear to a traditional funeral service in the UK?

Dressing for a traditional funeral service in the UK without any other instruction, it is generally acceptable for people to wear dark dress to a funeral.  Funeral dress should be smart, well-pressed, clean and, if needed, polished and brushed.

Is black the only option?

Black dress is the traditional colour of mourning, however, in modern funerals, various other dark shades are suitable.

If you do not own a black suit or a black tie, then a smart work outfit or suit or is also acceptable. People from an elderly generation were most probably brought up with this traditional style of funeral and so they may expect that others follow suit.

Do you have to wear a suit to a funeral?

A suit is generally seen as smart, formal wear, so should be seen as the most suitable option. However, if you don’t own a dark suit to wear, you could wear a shirt and tie under a jumper or jacket.

Ultimately, you should look as though you have made some effort in respect of the deceased.

What to wear to a funeral or memorial service as a man

For men, the traditional funeral dress is normally a suit, shirt and tie. You should wear a long-sleeved white shirt, however, a plain and buttoned shirt in a muted or even dark colour is suitable.

You should try and keep the suit jacket on throughout the funeral ceremony. Your shoes should also be a dark colour and well polished.

What about a tie?

A black tie is generally the preferred wear to a funeral; however, a plain tie in dark shading is adequate too.

What to wear to a funeral or memorial service for women

Dresses, trouser suits, and skirt suits are all suitable for a traditional funeral service. Traditionally, skirts ought to worn underneath the knee, while blouses or dresses should have sleeves, rather than strappy or over revealing.

What should a child wear to a funeral service?

Children should look smart at a funeral service, but the dress code does not need to be as strict as adults.  Many children wear smart shirts or something that they might also wear to a wedding or other formal occasion.

Teenagers and older children are likely to be expected to follow the dress code of the adults.

What other appropriate colour dresses do people traditionally wear at funerals?

The traditional dress colours at funerals may vary in different countries and cultures. Black is a common theme throughout the world, although not universal.

Make sure to consider the location and weather of the funeral service and consult with the family member of the deceased if you are unsure.

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