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What’s a Direct Cremation? January 12, 2023

We hear a lot that many people do not want a fuss making when they die, or are faced with a life limiting illness. Many people don’t want their relatives to have to pay out for a larger service or to go through the emotion of a funeral.

Some people also don’t like the pomp and ceremony of a traditional funeral, or being on display when deceased. This is why direct cremation is becoming more and more popular – it markets itself as quite literally a direct path to cremation – a low cost method that means the family left behind can spend money on other things.

In essence, a direct cremation consists of:

  • The body going virtually straight to the crematorium after death and cremated
  • Eliminating the need for embalming or any other post death preparations
  • A simple, no frills coffin
  • The cremation is organised by the funeral director at a time and place to suit, there is no input from the family

A direct cremation also appeal to people who simply can’t afford or don’t want a traditional funeral service and all the trappings that go with them.

However, not all family members may want this to be the way to say goodbye. For some people, a funeral can be important as a way of turning a new chapter and saying a proper goodbye to the deceased. It can help people left behind to accept what has happened and to try and move on with their life.

Of course, for many people, a middle ground is often best. An intimate, personal service but still allowing friends and family to say goodbye. We can create a bespoke service to our needs.

If you would like to speak to our team regarding funeral arrangements for yourself or your loved one in the Ripley or Crich areas of Derbyshire, please do not hesitate to contact us. Call us on 01773 749028 or contact us here.

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