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What to do with cremated remains October 19, 2022

Distributing a person’s ashes is an important and personal decision. Cremated remains are portable, and so open up a range of options. Here are some of the key things that you could do with your loved one’s remains.

1. Scattering Ashes

Scattering a person’s ashes is perhaps the most common form of dispersing ashes. You can do this almost anywhere, but you should ask for the landowners permission if done on private land

Many people choose to be scattered in the grave of a loved one, but again, you will need permission from the graveyard owner.

A popular option today is to scatter ashes in the favourite location of the deceased. When considering scattering ashes, make sure that it is away from other people and does not cause the remains to be blown into a public space. Some people like to be scattered at sea, which makes it easier to scatter without affecting others.

You may also scatter ashes abroad, as most airlines and countries allow ashes to be taken. You should make sure with your airline and the country you are travelling to first.

2. Burying Ashes

Burying a loved one’s cremated remains is a popular choice as it creates an area of focus that you can visit. You could also make it more convenient by burying the ashes in your garden.

Some people choose to place the ashes in a dedicated urn before burial, so this is to be considered.

3. Planting a Tree Over Ashes

For people who loved nature or like the thought of creating new growth, planting a tree on top of ashes is a good option. The perfect idea is to use a compostable container which helps towards the growth of the tree. It contributes to new growth and is eco-friendly too!

Instead of a tree, you may also consider a rose or other robust perennial flower.

If you want to plant a tree in a public place other than your garden, then you’ll need the permission of the land owner. You could of course bury a tree in your garden, but you may want to place it in a large pot so that it can be transported should you move home.

4. Keeping the Ashes at Home

There are a range of options available for keeping a loved one at home. Urns come in a range of shapes and sizes and materials, depending on your needs.

You could also choose a piece of jewellery for your ashes or a photo frame with a special compartment – the opportunities are endless.

Obviously, the storage solution should be well sealed and should not be easily knocked over.

5. Get Creative

There are of course other less traditional options, which include:

  • Creating a reef ball to help with marine life
  • Using the ashes as part of a firework
  • Scattering ashes from a plane or helicopter
  • Having a tattoo using the ashes
  • Having a painting using paints with the person’s ashes
  • Turning a loved one in to jewellery or a diamond

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