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Planning your own funeral April 12, 2023

Planning your own funeral can seem like a morbid and sad activity, but it doesn’t have to be! Many of our clients feel reassured that they have made plans before their time comes so that it releases the pressure on their loved ones and also conforms to their wishes.

We’re happy to take down some wishes from you, but before you come to us, why not consider the following?:

  • Visiting – Would you like your family and friends to be able to visit you while in our care? Some individuals find this very distressing while other people take comfort in being with their loved one. If you don’t wish people to visit you then make this implicit when considering your instructions. If you are happy for people to come and visit you, be specific about what you want to wear so that the burden is not placed on your loved ones.

  • Embalming – In the most part, funeral directors will seek permission from clients to allow embalming of their loved ones, although there are discussions to be had about the dignity and intrusive nature of the practice. Embalming does slow down the process of decomposition, so if you wish to visit your loved one up to the date of the funeral, then this is definitely a good option.

  • Service type – Would you like a burial, a cremation or another process?

  • Funeral celebrant/Religious minister? – For those of faith, this is often an easy decision, even down to the religious person to take the service . But there are other options such as a humanist and a life celebrant. People often ask for a celebrant “because they aren’t religious” but a life celebrant is defined as “someone who undertakes a funeral service and will incorporate as many or as few religious hymns or bible readings as the client wishes.” For those who are of an atheistic or agnostic persuasion, a humanist is the best option.

  • The location of the service – The location can be very important from both sentimental reasons and logistical reasons. The prices of cemeteries and crematoria can differ a lot dependent on where you are in the country, so please speak to us for the up to date prices.

  • Flowers or donations? – Would you prefer flowers or is there a special charity or cause that you would like to support?

  • Pall bearers – Do you want specific family members or relatives to help your coffin into the funeral venue? In certain cultures, this is imperative. If your loved ones feel like they can’t do this on the day, then we are always here to take over duties should you need us.

  • Eulogies – Are any of your family prepared or would like to speak at your funeral? The celebrant or religious person will often lead and will read the eulogy if necessary but it is entirely up to your wishes.

Please do not hesitate to pop in to us if you wish to formally write down your preferred arrangements for when the time comes.

If you would like to speak to our team regarding funeral arrangements for yourself or your loved one in the Ripley or Crich areas of Derbyshire, please do not hesitate to contact us. Call us on 01773 749028 or contact us here.