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How to arrange a wake September 28, 2022

Although sad, a wake is the perfect time to celebrate the life of the deceased. In some cultures it is a party like celebration of the dead, but for others it’s a time to spend with friends and family after the funeral.

Wakes are usually the more informal bit after a funeral. Usually, it’s accompanied with food and drink. It is a time to share stories and remember the good times that were had with them. A wake should be fairly simple to plan but there are some things to consider.

Choose a Location

Some people host the wake in their own home, but this may not be suitable dependent on the size of your home. You want people to feel comfortable, so cramming lots of people in a small space is not ideal. You should select a location that will work for most people. You could choose the church where the funeral was held, a local village hall, a social club, golf club, hotel, or even a restaurant or pub.

Include Food

You should offer food for everyone, particularly for those who have travelled a long way. Some locations such as a restaurant or pub will obviously have food and drink available, but other places may require outside caterers (or yourself) to bring the food from outside.

Invite People

Although funerals don’t generally use an invitation, the wake is usually extended to all that attend the funeral. Be sure to give directions to the location for anyone who has travelled to attend. You should also give time and any special information. Make sure that you have enough supplies to cover all those that might attend.

Consider Entertainment

Entertainment is very much a personal choice. It could be as simple as displaying photographs of the deceased against a background of their favourite music. Or, you may like a cello or violin to be played. Of course, you don’t really need anything.

Whilst not necessarily a fun event, a wake can play a very important part and can help to lighten some of the emotion of the day in more informal settings.

If you need help planning a funeral or wake, contact Archway Funeral Service to learn more about our services.

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