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How to approach a eulogy June 27, 2022

The eulogy is one of the most personal aspects of a funeral service. There is no set rule for including a eulogy, but they are often included in modern funerals to look fondly at the life of the deceased.

It can be difficult to know where to start with a eulogy – as you’ll want to include a lot of elements about the person’s life and not upset anybody by excluding them.

What is a eulogy?

A eulogy is a commemorative speech which is a way to say goodbye, and fondly remember a loved one. it often includes reflections of the person’s life, which can be delivered chronologically but there are no real set rules.

Who traditionally does the eulogy?

It’s normally delivered by someone close to the person who has died – often a son or daughter or even a partner of the deceased.

However, loved ones may not feel able to deliver the eulogy and so this can be delivered by the vicar or celebrant . It is sometimes easier to write things beforehand as often the emotion of the occasion can be overwhelming.

How long should a eulogy be?

As a general rule, eulogies tend to last less than 10 minutes as any more can impinge on the limited timeframe of a funeral – but this is dependent on a number of factors. There are other elements to a funeral that need to be considered, so it’s best to discuss with you funeral director in order to get the timings right.

How to start a eulogy

  • Jot down some of your main memories in brief form
  • Think about interests/hobbies, what did they like/enjoy?
  • Think about life highlights. What did they achieve? What did they excel at?
  • Gather stories and ideas from other loved ones

Additional tips

  • Delivery – consider your audience. Some funerals dictate a light hearted, even funny look at someone’s life, whereas others might be more emotive and in tribute
  • Practice – although the emption of the day is hard to replicate, make sure you have practiced beforehand in front of a friend or family
  • Have a backup – have your eulogy ready to read out in full in case you feel unable to deliver it

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