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Four things to consider when making arrangements with a funeral director April 12, 2023

Saying goodbye to a loved one is never easy. When you are in charge of planning a funeral, it can feel challenging and stressful to fulfil your family member’s wishes. Costs are also a key consideration.

1. Consider a Pre-Paid Funeral

Making things easier for your family at the time of your death can include arranging a pre-paid funeral before the time comes. With a pre-paid funeral, you can lock-in the cost of your service while making sure every detail is to your wishes. When you pay for your funeral in advance at today’s prices, you can save your loved ones from the stress of having to make decisions regarding your arrangements.

2. Consider Direct Cremation

Direct Cremation is the simplest form of cremation as it does not include a ceremony and is one of the most cost-effective options for honouring your loved one. Not only is it simplistic, but it also cuts out most of the traditional costs associated with a funeral.

If you are in charge of arrangements, and you want minimal fuss or hassle for your loved ones, direct cremation is a great way to say goodbye without a fuss. With this option, you can put any money he or she left behind, or your own, towards a simple memorial service at a later date if you wish to do so.

3. Consider Simple Cremation

If your loved one’s wish was to have a ceremony, you might consider choosing a simple cremation to reduce costs. In this way, you will be able to honour their memory with a short personal service at a date of your choice, where you can say your goodbyes without having to pay for expenses such as embalming, limousines, or processions.

4. Consider a Traditional Funeral

If your loved one valued the idea of having a traditional funeral, you could arrange a dignified yet simple ceremony that won’t leave you in debt. The costs of a conventional funeral rarely include doctor’s fees, limousine’s, hearse transportation, so you could consider which of these are a necessity.

When you are responsible for arranging a funeral, there are many affordable options available. Whether your loved one’s wish was to have something large or small, we can help you make the right choice. If you have recently lost a loved one and are looking to make arrangements, contact us today to learn more about our simple, transparent, and professional crematory services.

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