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Difference between a cremation and a burial August 9, 2022

Planning for a funeral can be a heart breaking and at times difficult job. Not only is it physically and emotionally exhausting, but there are also so many different types of funeral these days that it can feel overwhelming. In general, cremations and burials are the two main types of funeral.

There is no right or wrong way to conduct a funeral unless specifically stated by the deceased. However, some families prefer a burial and some prefer cremation – it’s an entirely personal choice.


Cremation is essentially burning the deceased’s body and then storing the remains in an urn which can either be kept or scattered. Burial is the process of burying the body underground in a selected burial plot and usually applying a headstone or memorial to give a place to reflect on the deceased’s life.

The difference between burial and cremation remains in how the body is treated. In most cases, a cremation is considered to be a better option than burial. Cremation enables the family members to scatter the remains in a desired location – perhaps somewhere special to that person. This gives the living relatives somewhere to go to on occasion and remember, and helps the deceased to live on in some small way.  For a burial, you will usually visit a graveyard as a place of reflection, but the grounds are generally maintained and kept secure.


The cost of cremation is generally lower than burial, as the process is less involved. There is no digging required or burial plots to purchase, or headstones to buy. Having said that, many people buy a burial plot during their lifetime or have a funeral plan in place, so the expense may not be felt as keenly by those left behind.


Cremation or burial can also depend on the religious obligations of the person. Certain Christian faiths insist on burial, whereas other religions may insist on cremation. It is again all down to the deceased’s wishes.

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