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Choosing music at a funeral March 4, 2022

Music can play a vital part of a funeral service. It often reflects the personality of the deceased or reflects on a cherished moment in their life.

In the modern world, you can access virtually any music that you wish to and most crematoria have access to a huge digital library of songs, hymns or pieces of music. The music is usually played digitally through the sound system in the chapel.

You may also choose to have a live performance by a group or even a member of friends or family.

What type of music is suitable for a funeral service?

There are no real set rules for music at a funeral. Obviously, music with profanities may not be appropriate but it is generally down to the family to decide.

The structure of a funeral service normally includes specific pieces being played during certain parts of the service.

Typically the first piece of music is played as mourners enter the chapel or when the coffin is carried in (referred to as ‘entrance music’).

During the service there is often a time set aside for personal reflection, during which time music can be played if you wish.

After the committal when the service concludes, a piece of music is often played as the mourners leave (referred to as ‘exit music’).

People often choose the most suited to the person. For instance, if that person was religious, they may prefer hymns but if they were in to popular music then they may prefer more contemporary music.

How to choose songs for a funeral service

Talk to the celebrant or minister about how the funeral will go. You can then mutually decide where pieces will fit.

You may choose to have a sombre tone throughout the service, or prefer some more uplifting music.

Some prefer to add a little humour to proceedings – for example by using Monty Python’s ‘Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life’.

Finding ideas for funeral songs

Some people who may know they are dying will have already expressed a wish for the songs to be played at their funeral. If not, a good place to start is to think about some of the favourite music during the deceased’s life. At Archway Funeral Service, we can help support you with deciding what would fit best.

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