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Pre-paid Funeral Plans – What does it mean for you?

Many people do not think about their funeral or plan for the future, but did you know that you could pay for your funeral in advance, before the time of need arises? For most people, the cost of the funeral won’t come as a surprise. Most people know the costs…...

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Dealing with Grief & Bereavement

Grief and bereavement can be very hard to cope with, especially when a loved one’s death has come as a shock. Some people choose to keep busy in order to take their mind off what has happened, or create a purpose such as raising money for a charity. Others often…...

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Should Children Attend Funerals?

Many people instantly think that it is wrong for a child to attend a funeral as it may be too traumatic for them at such as tender age. However this is not always the case. Shielding your child from the pain and suffering surrounding a death seems logical. It’s a…...

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